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Copying property definitions for custom controls in #XPages

PropertyDefinitionSometimes, when I’m working on my applications, I’ll decide that I want to copy a property definition from one custom control to another. When using the standard properties interface, it’s a lot of work. You have to put the right information into the right fields and switch between tabs. It’s a real bother.

Interestingly, it never occurred to me to look at the .xsp-config documents until we started using SourceTree for source control.* I was looking at some changes and suddenly noticed that … the property definitions are right there! So, instead of slogging through manual editing of the definitions in the UI in Designer, I could just go to either the Navigator or the Package Explorer Eclipse view to open and edit the properties as simple XML.

      <display-name>Allow deletions of attachments</display-name>
          <category>Control information</category>
      <description>Determines if attachments may be deleted,
Deletions are soft and may be recovered within recovery period.
(default: false)</description>

So, if I realized that I needed that property on a different custom control, or I wanted to create a second property on the same control with a different name, I could simply copy-paste the code and edit it as necessary.

There is one pretty cool PropertyCategoriespiece of the property definition that seems only to be available when you edit the code directly. That’s the category definition. If you provide a category definition as shown in my code snippet above, then when you’re setting the properties of the custom control that you’ve inserted, it displays categorized properties as part of that category in the UI for ‘All Properties’. I urge you to make sure that if you do fiddle with the properties on the back-end this way, that you first give yourself examples by doing most of it using the UI for adding properties. As with anything else I do in XPages, I find myself wanting to get right to the code, not to use the UI provided by Designer.

It’s interesting that it actually does give you an option that you don’t seem to be able to get otherwise.

* I want to thank PSC for getting us to use SourceTree and bitbucket (while Kathy and Brad do some work for us) and to Paul Withers for his excellent Notes in 9 video on how to do it (for our internal ones).

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Are you sure? Asking for confirmation in #XPages

Often, we want to confirm with the user that they actually want to save or submit a document in XPages. I thought it would be very simple to customize the server-side simple action ‘confirm’ to include client-side data that the user had just entered, but that was not yet saved to disk.

So, I had what I thought was some simple and straight-forward SSJS:

    <xp:this.message><![CDATA[#{javascript:var baseText = "Are you sure that you want to set the exchange rate for ";
        var effectiveDate = getComponent("effectiveDate").getValue().toString();
        var localCurrency = getComponent("localCurrency").getValue();
        var exchangeRate = getComponent("exchangeRate").getValue();
        return baseText + localCurrency + " to " + exchangeRate + " as of " + effectiveDate + "?"; }]]>

I posted my question on StackOverflow and Paul Withers pointed out that I wasn’t going to get what I was looking for….

You’re computing SSJS to pass to a CSJS confirm() message. I would expect it to display values at the last refresh, not values just entered by the user. If you want the latest values, I think you’ll need to access them via CSJS.

So, I made the classic mistake of failing to know whether I and my data were client-side or server-side. Thus, my getComponent commands were getting a handle to the last version of the server-side component, not what the user just entered on the client-side. So, I needed to move back to the client-side to display client-side values. Fortunately, I remembered that if your client-side javascript evaluates to false, the server-side script never executes.

<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true" refreshMode="complete"
        immediate="false" save="true" id="eventHandler3">
        <xp:this.script><![CDATA[var baseText = "Are you sure that you want to set the exchange rate for ";
            var effectiveDate = document.getElementById("#{id:effectiveDate}").value;
            var localCurrency = document.getElementById("#{id:localCurrency}").value;
            var exchangeRate = document.getElementById("#{id:exchangeRate}").value;
            return window.confirm (baseText + localCurrency + " to " + exchangeRate + " as of " + effectiveDate + "?");]]>

The key to the client-side javascript is to make sure you return the value of that window.confirm at the end. In my initial attempt, I didn’t return the value and my testers pointed out to me that my ‘Are you sure?’ was just taunting my users. It would ask the question, but it ignored the response. Clicking OK would save it, as intended, but clicking Cancel would ALSO save it! Talk about ignoring user input!

Hopefully, my mistake will prove instructive in your attempts to find your way in XPages…..

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