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Quick look at dialogContent and dialogButtonBar in #XPages

One of the challenges of XPages is figuring out what controls actually do. In a prior post, I wrote about using a dialog to return values to the XPage. It never occurred to me to use dialogContent and dialogButtonBar in the dialog. Today, when I was creating another dialog, I used the palette to find the dialog control and noticed those two. I wondered what they did, since, in my example, I hadn’t used them and my dialog displayed easily.

I checked the documentation, which really doesn’t help, stating simply that the dialogButtonBar “Contains buttons in a dialog.” That sure doesn’t tell me why I should use it instead of just putting my controls right into the dialog.

So, I did a little test.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp="" xmlns:xe="">
	<xp:link escape="true" text="Add a Linkage" id="addLinkageLink">
		<xp:image url="/plus.png" id="addLinkageImage" style="position:relative;left:2px;top:-2px;margin-right:5px;">
		<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="false">
	<xp:link escape="true" text="Add without content control" id="link1">
		<xp:image url="/plus.png" id="image1" style="position:relative;left:2px;top:-2px;margin-right:5px;">
		<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="false">
	<xe:dialog id="linkageDialog" title="Add linkage">
		<xe:dialogContent id="dialogContent1">
			<xp:label value="Label" id="label1"></xp:label>
			<xp:inputText id="inputText1"></xp:inputText>
		<xe:dialogButtonBar id="dialogButtonBar1">
			<xp:button value="OK" id="button1"></xp:button>
			<xp:button value="Cancel" id="button3">
				<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="false">
	<xe:dialog id="contentFreeDialog">
		<xp:label value="Label" id="label2"></xp:label>
		<xp:inputText id="inputText2"></xp:inputText>
		<xp:button value="OK" id="button2"></xp:button>
		<xp:button value="Cancel" id="button4">
			<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="false">

The dialog using the dialogContent and dialogButtonBar controls looks far nicer. I did put the title on the one without those sub-controls in order to make the disparity even more stark. When using the sub-controls, the placement of the content and the buttons is handled for you, without requiring the additional formatting I had to do in the prior post using a dialog. So, here’s the ugly one, which doesn’t use the sub-controls and will require some formatting:


And here’s the pretty one, with the sub-controls in use:


So, using the dialogContent and dialogButtonBar controls makes your life easier and your users happier.

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